June 24, 2021

Villa de Leyva and Surroundings

VILLA DE LEIVA is a beautiful village located three/four hours drive towards the north of Bogotá, belongs to the department of Boyaca, this beautiful colonial town founded in 1572 by Hernán Suarez de Villalobos gift orders from Don Andrés Venero Díaz de Leyva, President of the New Wealth of Granada. It is a jewel of colonial architecture. It is one of the largest most impressive places in Colombia, all of its streets and central square are cobblestoned, so when you are there you feel and you live like in the colonial times.
There is a large hotel disposition with an excellent infrastructure for the organization of commercial meetings like seminars and congresses and a huge variety of guest houses, lodges, and hostels. It is characterized by its history, paleontological deposits, as well as the main tourist attractions: Casa de Juan de Castellanos, Plaza Mayor, Congress house, the garden of the administration building, Casa de Antonio Nariño, Casa de Ricaurte, Maestro Acuña Museum, Paleontological Museum, the monastery “El Carmen” for religious art. In its vicinity are the Santo Ecce Homo Monastery, the Ictiosaurio, it is a large fossil, remains of crocodile, is six meters long. the Infiernito was an Indian astronomical observatory, the ostrich farm and the winery of the Margrave of PuntaLarga. Among the events are the International Kite Festival (August), La Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen (July), The Light Fair Festival (December). The typical Boyaca markets, the people of the villages and local food can be seen on Saturday.
If we take the way to Chiquinquirá, one can take a quick look at the religious capital of Colombia, where the place of pilgrimage, that of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, was visited by Pope Hans Paul II in 1983. Just before arriving in Villa de Leyva, you can visit a typical indigenous handcrafters workers village, Ráquira, just original pottery culture, where you can buy different and many handicrafts. This particular village is fully painted with vibrant colors that give it a strange atmosphere.

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