June 24, 2021

Bogotá, The Great City

The vibrant Bogotá is the capital of Colombia, the principal urban, economic, political and cultural center of the country, the head office of the central, and state power, and focus of its culture, commerce, nightlife and industry.
With quite 8 million inhabitants, it is a very busy metropolis that easily mixes the colonial constructions of its first days with the foremost samples of avant-gard architecture. Prodigal with restaurants, theaters, museums of every kind, and a busy nightlife, wich neighbors, national, and international visitors enjoy equally.


mapa localizacion bogota

At 2,600 mts. above sea level, on the eastern chain mountains of the Andes (4o 35′ 56 ¨ north and ¨ 74o 04′ 51 west of Greenwich) in an almost completely flat plateau, with oscillating temperatures between 6 and 18 Celsius degrees, on an area of approximately 1,754 km2, lies a powerful city with around 8 million inhabitants,

Limits: With the east mountains of Monserrate (3,100m) and Guadalupe (3,317 meters), to the nort-east where the village of La Calera is located; to the west with the villages of Funza and Mosquera; to the north with the village of Chia, in the south, with the villages of Soacha, Funza, and Sibaté.

The city is bordered by mountains on all sides, with many natural and artificial lakes and reservoirs, offers numerous sights and ecological landscapes for residents and visitors.



On August 6, 1538 with the Spanish conqueror Don Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada on the Teusaquillo region, found a small Indian village bordered by the mountains of Monserrate and Guadalupe, the city was founded by Bogotá.

According to history, in the Chorro de Quevedo square, high in the actual La Candelaria neighborhood was the birth place of the city, and a few months later the city was re- founded and ratified at the actual Main Square (Plaza de Bolívar).

The old town, located between the St. Agustin river in the south and San Francisco river in the north, was settled the main square called ¨Plaza of the Herbs¨ in the north side of the San Francisco river, settling around some of the home buildings for the founders

The modern metropolis

* The city holds multiple modern centers for international meetings and conventions

* Luis Angel Arango and Virgilio Barco lybraries, as part of the more developed network of public libraries in the region, receives the largest percentage of registered consultations each year..

* The more interactive science and technology museum developed with Dome Cinema of South America “MALOKA”

* Instituto Caro y Cuervo, who received the Prince of Asturias Prize for research on the Spanish language

* The most famous Philharmonic Orchestra of the continent

* The Choir and Banda Sinfónica de Bogotá

* Various events, on the theaters Jorge Eliecer Gaitán, Colon, and many others for all ages

The Iberoamerican Theater Festival

 The ¨Rock at the Park¨ music Festival

The Bogotá Internacional Film Festival

The festival for Contemporary Music

* The most beautiful museums: The Gold Museum, National Museum, Modern Art Museum

* Time of opera, zarzuela and jazz

* Large urban amussement parks like Parque Nacional, Parque El Tunal, Parque Simón Bolívar,  and a wide offer of Natural Reserve Parks and different alternatives for outdoor activities like Chicaque,  Chingaza, and Parque Entrenubes

* Biking: 100 km of avenues are closed across the city for 8 hours every Sunday and over half a million people are involved in various sports

* A beautiful botanical garden, offers the collection of various tropial and native species

* The area surrounding La Candelaria holds a lot of the architectural heritage of the Spanish colony and the Republican (post-colonial) periods.

The Monserrate, and Guadalupe mountains offers a wonderful panoramic view of the city.

* Modern and complete shopping centers in all parts of the city

* Outdoor flea and antiques markets.

* Bogotá offers many alternatives for national and international cuisine with more than a hundred first-class restaurants

* Amusement parks for children and large swimming pools Aquapark, Camelot, World Adventure, Maloka.

* Different alternative for nightlife like bars, night clubs, pubs and discos.

* more than 7,500 hotel rooms

* A green environment where the practice of various activities such as sailing, trekking tours, motocross, 19 golf courses and 30 international tennis yards.

* Even though the climate of the city parcels to New York or Paris in the fall, It is not necessary to travel far to enjoy the variety of climate and beautiful places for nature. 50 km around the city is quite easy to find a tropical climate and vegetation.


inernational down town bogota

* The seventh Latin American economy to GDP

* A population larger than Panama and Costa Rica combined

* One of the 50 largest consumer markets in the world with a complete and diversified economy.

* Points in the strategic business areas of domestic and regional economies

* Dynamic and diversified economy: financial sector 29%, services 24%, manufacturing 21%, 15% trade and construction, transportation, supply telecommunications connections.

* 52% of the country for foreign investment is mostly in Bogotá, mainly manufacturing, financial services, utilities, transport and telecommunications



educacion bogota

* More than 25 international standard universities with a variety of academic programs that bring students from other cities across the country and the continent.


servicios medicos bogota

* Vaccine Research Center recognized by WHO

* A pioneer in the care of newborns

* Regional center for eye care and research

* Seat of medical institutions for research, diagnosis, and treatment in the field of urology, cancer, and autoinmune diseases.

* High quality, plastic reconstructive surgery services

* Recognized institutions specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of couples with fertility disorders

* Reference for comprehensive dental care

* In the foreground treatment for hemophilia

* Ambitious pre-hospital improvement program

* Nine of the most recognized medical schools in Latin America


* Just an hour flight from the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific

* Closer to Miami and New York, than Washington to San Francisco.

* Daily flights to different cities around the world

transporte bogota
International Air Transport

Eldorado International Airport, receives multiple international airlines, including Avianca offers flights to the United States, Europe and Southamerica.

National Air Transport

The national/regional airlines,  terminal B ¨Puente Aereo¨ receive flights for Satena, Easy Fly, and some others.

* In addition to the  International airport ¨Eldorado¨, the “Terminal Simón Bolívar” receives any type of charter flights with private corporate companies.

Public Transport

* The modern bus station of Bogotá “Terminal de transportes” where are all the bus companies, where you can travel across Colombia with modern buses.

Transmilenio is the most modern public transport, with 9 lines and many stations all over the city, with long red buses, and big blue ones you can ride quickly through the whole city.

Taxi service

Yellow taxis are everywhere, it also serves the needs of people, if you call by phone or use one of the modernn ¨Apps¨
you can get a taxi at the front door. White taxis are exclusive for hotel´s sevice.

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